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Mission Statement – What fuels my passion?

For past two years I have been fascinated by the limitless potential of our minds. I have studied psychology, read self development books, attended seminars. And I can honestly say it works. I’m only few steps into that journey but I’m already a different, better person. I have changed and grown in those two years more than in two decades prior that. Many of doubts have been cleared, insecurities addressed and questions answered. But our minds are made to wonder so new, deeper questions have quickly risen. And what I really want to talk about here as it is directly related to my work and main subject of this blog is one such question.

Photography is my passion, there is no doubt about it. But WHY is it my passion? What part of being professional photographer gives me the most satisfaction? Is it the art element? Joy of creation? Making a living out of something I love? Meeting interesting people? Working on cool projects in dynamic environment? While all of above is true non of those reasons is relevant enough to keep this fire in my gut burning for so many years. Not even all of them combined. So what REALLY fuels my passion I kept asking. I thought long and hard, looked at my images, recalled my clients… I have shot so many different projects. Some of them so different from one another that it could’ve been considered different craft altogether. Yet each time I had the same deep sense of fulfilment. And then it came to me! I have been given this talent to help people! This one second of enlightenment has changed my worldview completely. I’ve experienced a paradigm shift as psychologists would say. All of the sudden it all made sense. Looking back I’ve realised that my talent has helped so many people:

  • I have helped people to defeat self esteem issues.
  • I have helped individuals to find their life partners.
  • I have helped writers to get published.
  • I have helped film producers to reach their audience.
  • I have helped minorities to have their voice heard.
  • I have helped people to get their dream jobs.
  • I have helped politicians to get elected.
  • I have helped businessmen to materialise their dreams.
  • I have helped small businesses to discover their true potential.
  • I have helped big businesses to reach even further.
  • I have touched so many lives and helped them to get better than they were yesterday.

And that my friends is what really fuels my passion! It is now stronger, more defined than ever. It brings me clarity of my goals and sense of purpose.

I have been given my talent to help people and I will continue to do so with more drive, determination and commitment than ever before. We are all uniquely gifted and those gifts are not to be wasted.