Fashion photography London, dramatic and dynamic picture of woman in a red dress, night scene.

Have you noticed that most of the cool fashion and commercial images have one thing in common? Yes, they are all shot at beautiful, luxurious or exotic locations.

Commercial trends and fashion photography have changed a lot in the past few years but this one thing remains constant. For one simple reason… It works! There is only one problem. Sending entire team (photographer, models, make up artist, hairdresser, wardrobe stylist, assistants) plus all their equipment, tools and accessories to not even very distant and very exotic location quickly adds up to ridiculously high bill and not every business can afford it.

Instead, they settle for another boring shot that “fits within the budget”.

Thankfully that is no longer the only option. Today’s technology allows us to create stunning images at fraction of the cost. So how does it work? Once you’ve picked your dream location, instead of sending there your entire team you just ship over your photographer (hyper economic, 5th class ticket or as a parcel, whichever comes cheaper) with minimum equipment to take bunch of photos.

Once he’s back you can proceed with rest of the shoot in a local photo studio and then through miracle of Photoshop blend those images together.

The final results are both unique and realistic. The polished look of big production that… has never happened.


Base image taken on location before any retouching:

Template for commercial and fashion photography London composite image

Fashion photo of a model taken in my studio (straight out of the camera):

One of elements for commercial and fashion photography London composite image

And last image from which I have “borrowed” the hair. Just because it looked cool.

One of elements for commercial and fashion photography London composite image


Model: Vivien Monory (Base Management London)

Hair & Makeup: Cheyenne Raymond