Fashion Photography London by Fashion Photographer Jarek Duk

Faking The Seasons – Fashion Photographers London

Fashion Photographers London have quite interesting job indeed. Since we live and work in four seasons climate zone we also follow four seasons fashion patterns. The fun part though is that the fashion brands have to prepare their advertising materials at least few months in advance. There are two options.

One to travel to overseas locations where current season matches our needs or simply fake it here in UK. This of course comes with some serious challenges but also with fair dose of humour. Very recently we had one such shoot for fashion brand designing woollen garments and accessories. Our poor model had to wear winter clothes topped up with woollen hats, gloves and scarves while everyone else was sporting shorts and t-shirts. Needles to say how many warm (irony intended) smiles she has received from countless passers by. I’m already used to fashion photo shoots in London attracting small crowds of spectators but situations like this seem to work like magnet on tourists, amateur photographers, iPhonographers and just about anybody else since it’s both unusual and funny so makes for a perfect snap from your London holidays. Below few examples from our fake London winter fashion shoot. Enjoy and keep smiling!


Fashion Photography London by Fashion Photographer Jarek Duk

Fashion Photography London by Fashion Photographer Jarek Duk

Fashion photographer London Jarek Duk winter collection lookbook

Fashion photographer London winter collection lookbook photographed by Jarek Duk

fashion photographers London winter collection lookbook

Fashion photographers London captivating image