Fashion Photographer London Jarek Duk at Arts University Bournemouth

Fashion Photography London – Arts University Bournemouth Symposium

Few weeks ago I was invited to speak at Arts University annual symposium. I felt proud and excited when I found this invitation in my inbox. Once the initial excitement has settled I started to worry slightly and wonder how do I make it interesting and different from everything else those students have heard before.

After all keeping such large group of people engaged and interested for an hour is quite a task and I did not want to disappoint. I had some presumptions of what they could be interested in but while I was preparing my presentation I’ve decided to keep an open form as much as possible. We all know how impatient the young generation can be so giving them opportunity to interact, ask questions and have influence on the direction we were going really paid off. Turns out they were quite excited to have established fashion photographer from London right in front of them. The atmosphere was great, students really got involved in my presentation. We spoke about client’s briefs, mood boards, necessary research and preparation, execution of the given job, entering the industry, getting hired etc. We also had inspirational and motivational segments. The discussion was so intens that we have run out of time!
I have to say I always knew about this educationist side of my personality but never felt so strong about it as I do now after this symposium. It is such a great honour and pleasure to be able to help others, to make somebody’s life just that little bit better, to bring those young people just that one step closer to their dreams…