Today I would like to talk to you about headshots and in general photo sessions for performing arts talents. Aspiring actor’s headshots are in high demand. In London the prices vary from £50 to about £300 (I’m sure you could even get one free. Hey, these days everyone is a photographer!) So is it worth paying the premium?

Well, if you serious about your career the answer is Yes. Inexperienced photographer will seat you down, shout “Now look your best!!!” and fire thousand frames in 30mins praying that one of them will come alright.

Than it goes to photoshop (pirate version) where one click, “good for all” effect is applied. If you lucky you get it on disc if not you get it by email. Sounds about right? Drop me a comment if I’ve missed something.


So how should it be done? I guess there is no one right answer but I can tell you how I do it.

My sessions last around 3 hours. You may be surprised but only part of it is actual photo shoot. We start with that famous “seat down and look your best” series, which will be no doubt the worst few shots from the entire session, but there is good reason for doing it.

Now we can discuss what went wrong. We analyze the photos, then go in front of the mirror and look how we could improve things just a touch. We try different angles and expressions. We work on your facial muscles memory so you can strike “the look” instantly in any situation, be it a red carpet or your aunties 60th birthday. It’s a skill that takes practice but can be mastered. Have your ever noticed that big Hollywood stars barely ever get caught “off guard”?

They not super humans, they simply know how to look good in front of the camera. Somebody has taught them.

So on the end of the day you not only end up with the best images you have ever had but also with knowledge and experience that you will be able to use and further develop throughout your long and successful career.


Below a few pictures from my last session with young and very talented actress Nicola.

Those images were taken before she knew how pretty she really was. (I hope she won’t kill me for it)